French voice over Leeds

Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio

Looking for a Leeds-based French voice actor?

Tony Beck, known for his voice across France, works from Leeds and can be heard on various media including television and radio advertising, video games, institutional videos, documentaries and audiobooks, not to mention dubbing animations and feature films. And not forgetting, Tony also does voices for the web, such as viral marketing, e-learning and much more. In fact, he can lend his voice to pretty much anything. So if you want to take advantage of his years of experience for your project, get in touch with him now.

What does Kieron say about working with Tony in Leeds?

Tony is the best voiceover artist I've ever worked with, and having him based in Leeds was a bonus. He adapted his voice to my audience well and he's really engaging. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a French voiceover.
Kieron Carr

Whether you have text or audio content, it must be adapted to communicate with an international audience. One of the best ways to do this is to use a French voiceover studio. Tony Beck offers his clients professional-quality French voiceover dubbing in Leeds.

The role of a professional French voiceover artist in Leeds

Also known as narration, a French voiceover provides commentary for documentaries, films or any other audiovisual medium. It introduces a voice that is not part of the performance. This voice – usually provided by a professional actor – can be an anonymous narrator or one of the people who play a part in the story.

The French voiceover guides the viewer through the crucial parts of the video. A French voiceover is used to explain and enhance the video and can play several roles. It can be:

  • A narrator: it guides the listener by providing information and posing questions.
  • A spokesperson: in this case, the French voiceover should be confident and upbeat. Its goal is to promote a service, a product, or a video.
  • A teacher: the French voiceover is used to instruct a person what to do during an audio or video recording.
  • An advertiser: a French voiceover can be used during events, for special offers or in adverts.
  • A real-life person: both familiar and genuine, the French voiceover performance must be friendly and instil confidence.

Tony Beck offers his clients several sound identities, depending on the context of the project. Do you need an actor for a French voiceover in Leeds? In 'The Capital of the North', Tony Beck offers his services in all fields: documentary, film, dubbing, French voiceover for audiobooks, video, radio, television, advertising, and French voiceover for corporate videos.

Why choose Tony Beck for a French voiceover in Leeds?

Hiring French voiceover actor Tony Beck in Leeds has many advantages.

Professional-quality French voiceovers

Hiring professional French voiceover artist in Leeds, Tony Beck, gives you impeccable quality voice recordings. This skilled and experienced actor performs audio dubbing in a studio, and he respects the tone of the original audio content. As a result, the desired emotion is accurately and authentically conveyed.

A range of emotions with the French voiceover artist Tony Beck
Using a French voiceover studio in Leeds means it is possible to convey a lot of emotion. Consequently, the audience will experience compassion, happiness and excitement. The story is made more meaningful with Tony Beck, a French voiceover specialist in Leeds. In addition, the audio dubbing provided by Tony Beck in Leeds maintains the company's branding while making its content accessible to an international audience.

State-of-the-art equipment

To find a French voiceover actor in Leeds capable of making voice recordings that reflect your brand image, you need to contact Tony Beck. The French voiceover actor uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce voice recordings in his studio.

Tony Beck has state-of-the-art equipment capable of producing the highest-quality audio dubbing. His audio booth is totally soundproofed, and the sound mixing is done using high-quality microphones and headphones.

With his extensive professional experience and excellent training, Tony Beck has all the skills and qualities to produce outstanding sound recordings and audio dubbing. Don't hesitate to call on his services for a French voiceover in Leeds.