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Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio

Tony Beck performs voices with accents

Are you looking for a voice actor capable of performing in foreign accents? Tony Beck, French voiceover actor, puts his wide range of accents at your disposal: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Belgian, Swiss鈥 The choice is yours! Being bilingual in both French and English, Tony can also offer you his English voice, either natural or accompanied by a variety of foreign accents. He can do everything, and he does it well!

Another success for Tony's voice

I was looking for a French voiceover with an accent for an animated character, and Tony really managed to provide the voice and accent I wanted. I'll definitely call on him for my next project!
Fr茅d茅ric Stein

Accented French voiceovers are being used more frequently in media. A professional French voiceover actor who can replicate different accents can provide different vocalizations depending on who his clients wish to target. Unlike voiceover software, there are many benefits to hiring a specialist for media content that requires an accented sound. Tony Beck takes care of your accented French voiceovers for all your radio projects, and French voiceovers for TV or the big screen.

Effective communication with a quality accented voice

The accented French voiceover has become popular for several reasons. It can engage viewers and help them to understand the content better. French voiceover perfectly conveys a complex message to your customers on social networks or via other media. Regional or foreign accents make an even more significant impact as they make the content more memorable for the viewer.

An accented voice makes the audience focus on the message. It improves the flow of the video and does not hinder it. What鈥檚 more, when performed by an accomplished professional like Tony Beck, the accented voice helps to convey emotion naturally. This cannot be done with computer-generated voiceover software. It takes a real person behind the voice to make a real impact. So, let a specialist like Tony Beck guide you through a performance that will capture emotions.

Voix off avec accent

Tony Beck: a wide range of foreign accents for your different projects

Many companies use accented voiceovers to improve the user experience of their products. They use it in their apps or audiovisual productions to help customers and provide them with an enjoyable experience. Companies frequently turn to professionals for regional accents, to which users in England are highly receptive. For example, the English guide voice used on the Waze application 鈥 a GPS navigation system popular with car drivers.

It is not only his experience in the art of French voiceover that makes Tony Beck so accomplished but also his mastery of several foreign accents. The actor opens the door to many countries, thanks to a wide range of accents such as English, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Japanese and German. As a French voiceover actor with an accent, he can provide you with exceptional service for various types of projects:

  • comedy
  • documentaries
  • audiobooks
  • dubbing
  • video games

If you are looking for a natural English voice, hire him to benefit from his command of Shakespeare鈥檚 language. Tony Beck is bilingual. He speaks French and English.

Voiceover with an accent: the importance of using a professional

Voiceover acting is a very demanding artistic profession that requires a lot of passion and dedication. The actor must have perfect voice control and flawless pronunciation. He must also be a good listener, understand what his clients want, and provide them with a service that meets these requirements.

In this respect, Tony Beck is known for demonstrating undisputed professionalism in his field. As well as knowing exactly what he must do to meet your requirements, the French voiceover actor has all the tools necessary for a first-rate performance. So don't hesitate to call on his services for all your French voiceover needs with a foreign accent.