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Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Ryobi - MAX Power
Mr. Propre
Ryobi - 150 products +
Terres de Breizh
Ramsès Ravensburger
Tetra Pak
Nightmare Horror Adventures
Mr. Clean
Chimie Magique Ravensburger
Ravifruit - FR
Club BCJ
Ryobi - One+ HP
ePack BCJ
Semaines du Gaz
Escape Room
La Garde du Roi Lion
Cathédrale d'Amiens
Philips One Blade
Votre Courtier
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Tony Beck en studio

A French voice for your commercials?

If you're looking for a voiceover for your next advertisement, you'll want to choose a voice that will showcase your brand and your products. Choose an experienced voiceover who is both dynamic and confident. Choose Tony Beck! He'll know how to quickly find the right tone to perfectly match your script. His talents as a long-running voiceover actor allow him to modulate his voice and phrasing to perfectly match your needs. By choosing Tony for your advertising project, you are to receive unparalleled quality!

Another success for Tony with this advertisement voiceover project!

As soon as Tony sent me the samples of his voice, I knew he would do a great job. I needed a voiceover for an advertisement and Tony blew me away with his talent. Thank you for your professionalism!
Guillaume Nollay

Advertising has always been essential for a business to succeed and grow. It has taken many forms over the years, changing and adapting formats to keep up with the times. Thanks to technological advances, French voiceovers have become a way for companies to advertise their unique selling points and stand out from their competitors. To achieve this, Tony Beck offers you his French voiceover services for your French advertising and voiceover for your English advertising.

A quality voiceover to supercharge your advertising

A French voiceover provides spoken information about the advert in the background. This is why it is essential that it is pleasant and has the right tone to captivate the audience. Experienced and qualified, Tony Beck offers quality French voiceover recordings to raise your company’s profile in England and worldwide. Whether it's a radio or TV commercial, an internet commercial for a film, a game or documentary, or a dubbed video commercial, this expert is committed to making your advertising vibrant, energetic and engaging.

Choosing Tony Beck for your French voiceover means choosing an exceptional end product that achieves the aims of your project. He is attentive to his clients and does everything possible to provide you with an outstanding final product.

The advantage of working with this French voiceover actor is his wide range of voices to choose from for your advertising. You can select the French voiceover suited to the theme of your advertising project and the type – narration, instruction, or announcement. This versatility will make your commercial very effective and will capture the audience's imagination while also raising the profile of your company or brand.

Choose Tony Beck’s French voiceover to conquer the international market

Advertising is essential for the growth of any business in today’s market. It influences consumers and sparks desire. Effective advertising helps establish a company's reputation and conquer the international market. Hiring Tony Beck to record the French voiceover for your advert will help you to achieve these goals. He understands the importance of effective advertising for your company’s growth and image, so he provides the best service to achieve your objectives.

In addition, Tony Beck is a bilingual French and English voiceover actor. This means you can use your advertising to conquer French and English-speaking markets, depending on your requirements.

Benefit from a state-of-the-art studio to record the French voiceover for your advertising

Tony Beck’s recording studio is equipped with the best recording equipment available. He provides the best French voiceover recordings for your advertising. He produces excellent voiceovers with state-of-the-art microphones and headsets of optimal sound quality.

Another advantage of working with Tony Beck is his soundproofed studio. This concentrates sound waves in just one place to obtain a higher-quality recording. Are you looking for an accomplished and experienced actor to produce a French voiceover for your radio, internet, TV or video advert? Do not hesitate to call on Tony Beck for a service that will exceed your expectations.