French PRO voiceover

Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio

Need a french pro voiceover?

Tony Beck, a professional french voiceover for many years, is putting all his experience at your disposal. He has lent his voice to a considerable numbers of advertisements and radio spots, podcasts, and promotional and corporate videos for an impressive number of advertisers, including major national and international brands. With his flexibility and his versatile timbre, he can adapt his voice to suit the brief and the instructions you provide. Thanks to his experience and vocal creativity, choosing him guarantees you a high-quality recording that will engage your target audience. Tony's the professional voiceover for you!

A client needs a professional voiceover for an advertisement

My company needed a professional voiceover as quickly as possible for a big project. Tony really was the man of the match! Fast and talented, what more could you ask for! Thank you Tony, looking forward to working with you again soon on a new project.
Andréa Sarran