French voice over Washington

Tony Beck en studio
Mars désarmé par Vénus
Tony Beck en studio

Looking for a Washington-based French voice actor?

Tony Beck is a French voiceover artist working from Washington. He's got years of experience under his belt, and is known for his voice all over France. His voice an be heard on all kinds of media, including television and radio advertising, video games, institutional videos, documentaries and audiobooks, not to mention dubbing animations and feature films. And of course, Tony does voices for the web too: viral marketing, e-learning, etc. Rated 10/10 by his former clients, you should make him your voiceover partner before it's too late!

Morgan rates Tony's voiceover services 10/10

I've worked with a few voiceover actors over the years, some better than others, but I would rate Tony 10/10 in a heartbeat! His attention to detail is second to none and he's very flexible to work with. Thank you so much Tony!
Morgan Wilkes