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Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio

Are you casting a french voiceover?

The voiceover is the keystone of the sound identity you give to your project or media. It's the voiceover who will convey the emotion and the substance of your message. If you're looking for a voiceover, you can trust Tony Beck completely! His talent, along with his vast experience, allow him to bring the scripts and characters he embodies to life. His approach to his work, his vocal technique and his specific know-how have made him a benchmark in the voiceover industry. By casting Tony Beck as your voiceover, you can be sure to be choosing quality!

Another successful casting of Tony's voice

I am a video producer and I urgently needed a voiceover for my multimedia project. In finding Tony's site, I know I made the right choice. He exceeded all my expectations! A real professional!
Sophie Roman

A French voiceover is a voice that comments on what is happening during an advert. It provides extra information about what viewers derive from watching the video. The French voiceover is recorded by an actor qualified in audio dubbing. An audition is held to find the actor. Tony Beck lends his voice to all your audio or video projects.

When is a French voiceover audition used?

You could recruit a French voiceover actor for various projects in England.

French voiceovers for news reports

You could contact a French voiceover agency for a news report project. For this type of project, the French voiceover interjects from time-to-time, when the people on screen are not speaking. It aims to explain to viewers what is happening on screen so they have a better understanding. To build a story, a French voiceover actor like Tony Beck can also showcase the narration that accompanies the visuals.

French voiceovers for tutorials

Are you looking for a French voiceover for a tutorial? Whether it is an in-person or on-screen tutorial, the audio quality is essential. A French voiceover explains what is happening. The actor in the video can concentrate on what they are doing without speaking while filming. Therefore, the tutorial becomes more straightforward to understand. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced actor like Tony Beck for a first-class performance. He can also help you with other projects:

It is essential that the French voiceover recording is carried out in a professional studio to ensure exceptional audio quality.

French voiceover audition: trust an experienced actor

Do you need a specialist for your French voiceover audition in England? Save time by entrusting your project to Tony Beck, a French voiceover actor known in Europe for the quality of his services. Backed by several years of experience, Tony Beck can convey the emotion in your message to reveal its true essence. The actor is known for bringing the texts and the characters he embodies to life. He can work on all media projects to help you achieve your goals.

Your French voiceover actor stands out for his professional approach, vocal technique and expertise. Every audio and video project is recorded in a soundproof studio specially designed to achieve flawless results.

An exceptional French voiceover to conquer the international market

Are you making an advertising video or a radio advert aimed at an American audience living in America or England? You can use Tony Beck’s natural-sounding English voice for this project. The actor is bilingual and fluent in English and French. Thanks to your French voiceover actor, you can produce an advert in French with an English accent that non-native speakers can understand. Tony Beck is also well-established in audio dubbing, thanks to his mastery of several accents, which allow him to address an international audience.

If you are looking for a French voiceover for your film, commercial or documentary project, look no further. Tony Beck is the person you need.