French voiceover for branding / TV promo

Tony Beck en studio
World Judo Championships
Extreme: Hot 97
English TV branding voice
Tony Beck en studio

Complement your TV promo branding with a French voiceover

Are you looking for a French voiceover for your radio or television branding? Tony Beck, an experienced voiceover, will put his talent at your disposal for your communication. Having worked on branding for local and national television and radiom he knows how to brilliantly embody the identity of your media. Whether presenting a programme, announcing programmes or even explaining a game, he knows how to easily adapt to the tone you have chosen. With Tony Beck by your side, you can be sure to have chosen a great professional.

Tony's participation on a television channel's branding

Thank you Tony for your excellent quality sound file. I hardly had any post-production work to do, proof of great voiceover work! Fantastic job as usual!
Nicolas Paquet