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Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
La colère de l'enfant
Cap Emploi
Apprendre à conduire
Tony Beck en studio

Need a voiceover for an French e-learning video?

Tony Beck's pleasant voice and crisp phrasing are ideal for e-learning products. From medical to automotive technology, Tony has lent his voice to online training courses for Bayer, Pfizer, Shell, BMW and the BBC. Budgets are generally tight for e-learning projects, so working with a voice actor who has their own professional voice studio can be very handy in reducing costs and delays. By choosing Tony as the voiceover for your next e-learning video, you can be sure to achieve your goals.

A client tells us more about her collaboration with Tony on an e-learning video

Wow, Tony really blew me away with his recording for my e-learning! He received my brief and followed it to the letter from start to finish. The sound file he sent me was perfect, and there was nothing to rework which is actually very rare! Thanks for the great work!
Lucie Varez

Do you need a French voiceover artist to record the audio for your e-learning modules? Tony Beck, a French voiceover actor with many years of experience, is the professional you need. You can trust him to deliver a first-class performance that will enrich your students’ learning experience.

A professional French voiceover for your e-learning projects

Audio and video content is very popular in online learning and is particularly well-received by students taking their courses online. It is easier to absorb information presented in this format as opposed to text; PDF or e-book, for example. Recently there has been an increasing demand for French voiceovers for e-learning. Therefore, many companies prefer to use a French voiceover actor over text-to-speech software.

A professional French voiceover actor guarantees an authentic French voiceover that will enhance the quality of your training. An experienced French voiceover actor can work on projects of every description and employ a host of narrative styles. This is what Tony Beck, a French e-learning voiceover specialist with many years of experience can offer. Thanks to his specialist expertise, he guarantees to meet all the requirements of your online training projects.

Top-of-the-range equipment for a flawless French voiceover

Tony Beck’s professionalism is one of his greatest assets. Your French voiceover artist uses top-of-the-range equipment to record the audio for your training modules and courses. All his work is carried out in a well-equipped, soundproofed studio, to ensure it is of the highest possible standard. You will not have to make any changes to the recording that your French voiceover actor sends you. Tony’s work will remain faithful to the script, the brief and the instructions provided by each client.

Tony’s professional studio and his extensive expertise enable him to work on time-sensitive projects with limited preparation time. Whatever narrative register you need for your e-learning recording, you can rely on Tony Beck.

Tony Beck: e-learning French voiceovers in multiple languages

Do you need a professional French voiceover to provide multilingual content to your learners? Tony Beck provides voiceovers for e-learning courses in English and French. A versatile French voiceover artist is invaluable, especially for those large-scale projects where you require a consistent tone of voice.

Tony has worked with countless clients on bilingual French and English voiceover projects and can share his expertise in the field. His clear and easy-to-understand English, even for non-natives, can reach an international audience. Choose Tony Beck for your e-learning French voiceover and you will benefit from professional support to produce the audio and video for your online courses.