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Ramsès Ravensburger : French voice dubbing

Les "Justes" Turcs : French voice dubbing

Tony Beck en studio

In need of french voice dubbing?

What would a film, series or documentary be without a quality voiceover? If you're looking for a professional who specialises in french voice dubbing, you've come to the right place! Tony Beck has years of experience in the dubbing world. He'll bring your video or script to life by creating a unique sound identity for it. Whether he's dubbing a cartoon character or an actor in an American series, Tony is used to lending his voice to big productions. Thanks to his experience and vocal creativity, choosing him guarantees you a high-quality recording that will engage your target audience.

A happy customer after collaborating with Tony

From emotion to dynamism, Tony was able to bring exactly what I wanted to the dubbing of my film targetting the UK market. In very few takes, he was effective and efficient, and the result was fantastic! I highly recommend him!
Jean Lançon