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Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
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Tony Beck en studio

A voiceover for your English-French bilingual videos

Tony Beck records both English and French voiceovers. His accentless, international English is easiest to listen to for an audience whose mother tongue is not English. This lack of identifiable accent is very popular among companies who need to communicate internationally without worrying about American or British accents. With Tony, you're guaranteed to be working with a high-quality, bilingual English-French voiceover!

A bilingual, French/English project for Tony

This was the first time I needed a voiceover for a UK project. I chose Tony's bilingual voiceover and he really blew me away. His English accent is perfect. A huge thank you to him.
Lucie Nayron

Do you need a French or English voiceover for a bilingual project? Entrust your project to an experienced French voiceover actor for a superior performance. Contact Tony Beck for all your national and international French and English bilingual video projects.

What are English and French voiceovers used for?

Companies often use advertising videos to promote their products and services as they are excellent marketing tools. Filmed with a professional French voiceover, they convey a powerful message and engage current and prospective customers with a unique commercial experience. Producing a bilingual video can be an attractive option if your company plans to target an international market.

With corporate videos available in French and English, you will be sure to reach a wider audience and be able to promote your services.

A bilingual French and English voiceover can also be used for a host of other purposes:

  • corporate films
  • documentaries
  • how-to videos
  • short films

It is essential to hire a professional French voiceover actor like Tony Beck for a first-class performance that will make an impact on your audience. Fluent in Shakespeare's language, the actor can speak English without an accent.

Why should you contact Tony Beck for your bilingual voiceover projects?

Tony Beck is a professional French voiceover actor with extensive experience in video production, corporate films and bilingual narration. He is the professional you should contact if your company is based in England and you want to reach an international audience. Tony Beck guarantees flawless English and French recordings thanks to his state-of-the-art equipment.

Producing a bilingual voiceover involves much more than just reading a text aloud. Beyond the message itself, you must be able to thrill and excite by using a tone of voice pleasing to the ear. You will benefit from this specialised expertise when you entrust your French-English voiceover project to Tony Beck. His energetic male French voiceover, which can be adapted to all styles of narration, has already delighted many professional clients in England and abroad. Whether you're looking for an elegant French and English voiceover, a French voiceover for a history project, or a male French voiceover for a gourmet project, you can contact Tony Beck.

One of his greatest assets is his neutral English accent, distinguishing him from American or native English actors. It is easy to understand and ideal for international communication.

Request a quote for your business project now

Are you looking for a bilingual French and English voiceover actor for a corporate video or audiovisual production? Contact Tony Beck now to get a quote. You will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your project.

You can attach a file to the contact form to give the actor more details about your requirements. You will also find examples of Tony’s previous French voiceover work on the website. This will give you an idea of the quality of service he offers.