French voiceover for commercial dubbing

Tony Beck en studio

Need a voiceover to dub an French commercial?

When choosing a voiceover for your advertisement, you'll want to find a voice that will showcase your brand or your products. Do you need a calm, dynamic, young, mature, cartoon, wild, serious, elegant or powerful voice? Tony Beck will quickly find the right tone to meet your expectations. His talents as a voiceover actor for over twenty years allow him to modulate his voice and phrasing to perfectly match your needs. By choosing Tony for your advertising project, you're ensuring the presence of a big name in the field by your side.

A commercial project for a brand in various French-speaking countries

It's always a pleasure to work with Tony. Our advertising project aimed at the French and Belgian markets was a huge success! The campaign had a real impact and the client was thrilled and wants to work with Tony again. Simply wonderful!
François Marchet