French voiceover for an institutional video

Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Contrôle électronique à distance
English voiceover for institutional video
Tony Beck en studio

Are you looking for a voice for a French institutional video?

The vocal palette and phrasing of a voiceover are the keys to the success of any institutional video. Tony Beck is a French voiceover whom you may have heard on many films, adverts and documentaries, and he has an adaptability that gives each institutional video an unmatched tone. A skill which is also essential to ensure attentive listening to your institutional videos. Major brands have entrusted Tony with their institutional narration. So, if you are looking for a high quality voiceover for the narration of your video, call Tony Beck now!

Tony's voiceover for a prestigious brand's institutional video

A great job by Tony! Our institutional video was an unprecedented success. His voice fitted very naturally to our images, and the result far exceeded our expectations.
Thomas Masson