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Looking for a Dallas-based French voice actor?

If you're looking for a French voiceover who works from Dallas, Tony Beck is the one for you. Known for his voice all over France, his voice can be heard on all kinds of media, including: TV and radio advertising, video games, institutional videos, documentaries, not to mention dubbing animations and feature films. And of course, Tony also does voices for the web: viral marketing, e-learning, etc. His vast array of experience makes him the best man for the job and he'll find a way completely transform your project to give it maximum impact. Why not drop him a line today?

Tony's voice reviewed by a Dallas customer

I spent days searching for a French voiceover artist in Dallas before a colleague suggested I give Tony a call. Well I can honestly say I haven't looked back since. He knew what I needed before I did, and his passion shone though my message. I'll never use another voiceover again.
Shaun Grant

French voiceover is a process whereby an actor uses their voice to participate in an artistic production. Its use is not limited to films. In marketing, French voiceovers are used by companies to inform viewers and guide them through a particular project. Therefore, choosing an experienced actor is essential to ensure your communication project's success in Dallas. Tony Beck is on hand for all your advertising needs in Dallas.

A professional French voiceover for your project in Dallas

A French voiceover is a tool that significantly enhances your communications. It can showcase a product or service in a way that captures the audience’s attention. It’s not enough to employ a talented actor to obtain a superior-quality French voiceover in Dallas. It must be recorded on state-of-the-art equipment. That's why working with Tony Beck will provide the perfect solution for what you require.

Do you need to find the perfect voice for the internet, radio commercial, or TV movie you are making in Dallas? French voiceover actor Tony Beck has everything you need to complete the job. In his home French voiceover recording studio, the actor has high-end microphones, headsets, recorders, and professional software to ensure flawless work. This means you get a French voiceover that reflects your brand, is adapted to the media you use and suits your audience.

Benefit from an experienced French voiceover actor in Dallas

Tony Beck is a professional and established French voiceover and dubbing actor who has undergone extensive training. His recording expertise makes him the ideal partner to create an advertising video in Dallas.

Your French voiceover and dubbing actor in Dallas can lend his voice to characters in animated films. Having worked on several of these projects in his recording studio, Tony knows all the ins and outs of the dubbing industry.

His ability to replicate many different French voiceover accents has also contributed to his fame. Tony Beck can speak French with an English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and German accent. These skills allow him to work on cartoons, films, podcasts and documentaries. All you have to do is ask the people who have used his French voiceover services to understand that he is not just talented but also dedicated to his work.

Break down language barriers with foreign accents

If you have an international marketing project, you need a professional to dub your audiovisual content. Don’t waste your time doing a time-consuming audition for your French voiceover. Call on Tony Beck French voiceover artist in the USA, to lend his effortless French or English voice to all your projects. He can also help if you need a particular accent to reach a specific audience.

With several years of experience, the French voiceover actor in Dallas knows how to tailor his work to your project and to engage and captivate your audience. Do you want to send a lively message to a British audience in the USA? Tony Beck knows exactly which voice to use to achieve this. From his recording studio, he will meet all the requirements of your media project in Dallas with the talent he embodies.