French voice over USA

Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio

Looking for a USA-based French voice actor?

Are you looking for a flexible, adaptable and engaging French voiceover? Tony Beck is known for his voice across France, and works from USA. His voice can be heard on all kinds of media: Television and radio advertising, video games, institutional videos, documentaries, not to mention dubbing animations and feature films. And of course, Tony also does voices for the web: viral marketing, e-learning, etc. He's spent years perfecting his voiceover skills, which are now considered legendary. So don't hesitate, get in touch today and he'll exceed your expectations!

What an American customer had to say about Tony's voiceover skills

I'm a video producer with years of experience working with voiceover artists, and I can honestly say that I've never met anyone as impressive as Tony! He puts his all into your project from day one and you can really see how passionate he is about his work!
Russell Barrett

A French voiceover is an essential tool for today’s audiovisual actors. French voiceovers narrate commercials, documentaries and movies without the actor appearing on screen. A professional French voiceover could be helpful for companies in the USA and their various media projects. The French voiceover actor Tony Beck offers dubbing and narration services throughout the United States.

Choose a top-quality French voiceover in the USA

French voiceover is a method of communication that makes it easier to convey a message by capturing the audience's attention. It is used for video recording and production. If you are looking for a quality French voiceover for the American market, you will be delighted with what Tony Beck offers.

Based in New York, USA, your French voiceover artist will convey your message with expertise. He is a renowned French voiceover artist who can work on all your advertising, educational or commercial projects:

  • French voiceover for documentaries
  • French voiceover for video games
  • French voiceover for motion design
  • French voiceover for e-learning
  • French voiceover for radio or TV commercials

The impact of his French voice makes target audiences more likely to absorb the information and be more easily influenced. His clear male voice brings smoothness to your advertising or video recording. With Tony Beck, you can be sure that the desired emotions will be conveyed naturally.

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The proper equipment for a 100% French voiceover in America

Tony Beck uses state-of-the-art recording and voiceover equipment to ensure client satisfaction. He works in a professional soundproofed studio equipped with top-quality microphones, headphones and audio recorders. This investment in high-performance equipment produces reputable and flawless French voiceovers.

Tony Beck guarantees impeccable sound quality for all your audio and video recordings. He is the benchmark of French voiceovers not only in Chicago, but also for French voiceovers throughout the USA and French voiceovers in England.

Make the most of a customized voice dubbing service in the USA

Voice dubbing is an intense profession that requires excellent technical proficiency and the ability to adapt to the client's requirements. It is in your best interests to choose an expert of Tony Beck’s caliber to create a successful audio or video (animated movies or documentaries) production in the USA. He will provide you with a bespoke customized service. His voice control and French pronunciation for the European market are perfect.

Tony is also a French voiceover actor with excellent listening skills. He demonstrates outstanding professionalism and unparalleled versatility when working on the projects entrusted to him. He can also handle bilingual projects requiring a superior level of English.

Benefit from using the services of a French voiceover artist in the USA to reach an international audience and raise your company’s profile. Feel free to listen to some of his past work before requesting a quote for your media project in the USA.