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Need a french home studio voiceover recording?

Are you looking for a voiceover with a home studio? Thanks to his varied career through which he's been able to demonstrate the true extent of his talent, Tony Beck is able to provide an exemplary-quality sound file, direct from his home studio. Radio and television ads, corporate videos and audio guides, Tony is used to working from home with equipment worthy of the best professional studios. No matter where it is recorded, Tony Beck's drive to continuously improve the end product makes him the home-studio voiceover you need for your product.

Tony records a dubbing from his home studio

This was my second time working with a voiceover and Tony really blew me away with his skill and the speed in which he understood my instructions. Working from his home studio, he met all my requests and delivered a perfectly synchronised product. I can't thank him enough!
Julie Baron

For a quality French voiceover, you need to engage the services of a professional actor. This expert uses professional recording, mixing, editing, and mastering equipment. Do you need a professional French voiceover actor with a home studio? Tony Beck provides an excellent service.

Hire Tony Beck for a home studio French voiceover

One of Tony Beck's greatest strengths is the extensive range of different voices he offers. Tony Beck has an impressive online database of outstanding French voiceover samples. The recordings are professionally made to ensure an excellent end product.

Clients can listen to different sound clips and choose the best one for their project. You can choose from the following:

  • an upbeat and polished French voiceover with a refined tone for product presentations
  • a warm and friendly French voiceover for telephone messages
  • a captivating and descriptive tone for films and documentaries

Tony Beck also offers his clients customised recordings with bespoke intonation and tone of voice from his home studio.

Tony Beck’s equipment

Tony Beck uses high-quality equipment to make professional home studio recordings.

A studio computer is a powerful tool

A good computer is the foundation of a good home studio setup because most French voiceover recordings are digital. Tony Beck uses a studio computer to produce his recordings. The French voiceover actor has a computer that can securely record and store audio files.

Additionally, Tony Beck uses the best software to provide an excellent end product. One piece of software he uses is DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). This software allows you to apply various processing effects to the French voiceovers to mix and export them.

An audio interface for impeccable work

The audio interface is an essential part of a home studio. Also known as the "sound card", the audio interface is a housing mounted on a rack placed on a desk. It has many features and can be connected to a computer via USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt. This is especially true for the audio interface that Tony Beck uses. This equipment offers a whole range of features:

  • AN/NA conversion
  • preamplification
  • headphone amplification
  • speaker outputs
  • MIDI

Hiring Tony Beck is the perfect solution to achieving quality vocals in a home studio.

Headsets, microphone and monitoring speakers

Tony Beck carefully chooses the speakers, microphone and headphones he uses to produce professional-grade work. Monitor speakers are designed to have a flat and neutral signal, quality and frequency.

When it comes to headphones, this French voiceover specialist has all the models needed to produce quality recordings. Whether recording French voiceovers for animation, documentaries, corporate films or news reports, Tony Beck uses both open and closed headsets. So, trust the actor for a French voiceover recording from a home studio.