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Need a French voice for a telephony server?

A fresh, friendly, welcoming voice, basically the perfect telephone voice! An IVR voice must indeed have these qualities in order to create the recording that will best welcome and inform your callers. Tony Beck has lent his voice to the telephony systems of companies such as Microsoft, Canon and Walkers. His voice is also regularly used by corporate advertisers such as Philips, ING Bank, Kawazaki, the European Space Agency and Sony, who have all decided to entrust him with the vocal identity.

Tony lends his voice to a large company's voicemail service

Always a real pleasure to work with Tony. We worked together on a telephony service project for a national company, and the customer was more than satisfied. Whenever I need a voiceover, I call on him.
Jérémy Gomez

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is becoming increasingly popular with businesses wishing to improve pre-and post-sales customer experience. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this telephone reception system automates certain functions and reduces the costs associated with managing these tasks. To make these automated interactions more personable and pleasant, choosing a welcoming and friendly IVR voice of the best quality is essential. This is what French voiceover actor Tony Beck can offer you.

A quality IVR voice to boost your company's image.

A professional and competent French voiceover actor, Tony Beck, offers you voice recordings for automated systems of the highest quality. Thanks to his outstanding expertise, he lends his voice to businesses to create an IVR voice that is welcoming, friendly and very pleasant to listen to. Tony Beck understands how vital this service is to a company. He uses his smooth and relaxed voice to convey a crystal-clear message to positively impact the customer experience.

With Tony Beck's IVR French voiceover service, it's easy to automate your customer services system to respond to simple queries in a friendly way. Despite being an automated system, every customer will receive a warm welcome. This ensures that the caller’s first impression of the company is professional.

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A French voiceover for telephone answering services carried out to the highest professional standards

Tony Beck uses state-of-the-art audio recording equipment to deliver quality French voiceover recordings for automated phone services. He carries out all his recordings in a completely soundproofed studio to the highest professional standards, in both English and French. All the equipment, from headsets to microphones, is state-of-the-art to ensure an excellent final product.

You can listen to the many French voiceover and English voiceover demos on his website to get an overview of previous IVR French voiceover projects. Thanks to his state-of-the-art equipment, Tony Beck has partnered with well-known companies. He is the consummate professional who can easily lend his voice to your company's automated phone system, regardless of its size.

A personalized French voiceover for IVR to improve customer relations

One benefit of an IVR is that it connects customers directly with the person best suited to handle their request. However, if the voice is impersonal, and there is a wait to be connected (sometimes necessary), some customers quickly lose their patience. The smooth timbre of Tony Beck’s IVR voice and his professionalism improve the customer’s experience. This ensures that callers have the patience to complete the call and makes them more likely to use the service again.

With experience in IVR, Tony Beck adapts his skills to the content of the message you want to convey to customers. If your call centre solution has contact identification facilities, it is easy to modify and pre-program personalized messages that adapt to your customers. Contact Tony Beck to use his voice on your automated phone system.