French voice over New-York

Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio

Looking for a New-York-based French voice actor?

If you're looking for a professional French voiceover artist located in New York, you've found the best in Tony Beck. Known for his voice across France he can be heard on all kinds of media, including television and radio advertising, video games, institutional videos, documentaries, not to mention dubbing animations and feature films. And of course, Tony can also lend his voice to online projects, such as viral marketing, e-learning, etc. He's very experienced and always meets his client's deadlines. So take advantage of his services today.

Alec reviews Tony Beck's voiceover services in NYC

Tony's vocal skills are out of this world. I knew he was the man for the job as soon as I heard his samples online. Being local to NYC made him much easier to work with and I'll definitely call upon his services again in the near future. Thanks Tony!
Alec Rice

French voiceovers are an essential part of any audiovisual production. They are the driving force that enhances and embellishes the video. They convey many emotions, build trust with your target audience and improve the influence and quality of your audio project. Tony Beck provides professional French voiceover services in New York for documentaries, corporate videos, advertising or product promotions.

A French voiceover that reflects your brand image

One of Tony Beck's greatest strengths is that he offers clients an extensive range of voice styles. The French voiceover actor in New York has an online database of excellent-quality sound clips. A professional, experienced actor makes the recordings to ensure an outstanding performance.

Clients can listen to the different sound clips in his database and choose the one that best suits their company's brand. They can choose from the following:

  • a formal and authentic tone for a video
  • a warm and friendly French voiceover for a telephone greeting
  • a polished and upbeat tone for product presentations
  • an evocative and engaging tone for movies and documentaries

To meet their business needs, Tony Beck’s clients can choose a recording with a customized tone of voice and intonation.

Produced with state-of-the-art equipment

When you hire French voiceover artist Tony Beck for your audio project in New York, you are guaranteed a professional and bespoke service. What’s more, you are also choosing a service performed by a real actor in a studio with state-of-the-art equipment.

The audio recordings are made using high-end microphones and headphones in an exclusive, professional, soundproofed studio in New York. Tony Beck provides a wide range of dubbing services. Thanks to his state-of-the-art equipment, he can dub a wide range of media – documentaries, educational videos, GPS device recordings, advertising, audio guides and podcasts. The French voiceover actor can also dub films.

In New York, Tony Beck has everything needed to provide an exceptional end product with impeccable sound quality.

High-quality voice dubbing

Entrusting the dubbing of video or audio content to Tony Beck, a French voiceover actor in New York, you will reap the benefits of exceptional quality work. With Tony Beck, a French voiceover actor in New York, all work is carried out by an experienced professional. You will therefore benefit from superior-quality voice recordings.

What’s more, the dubbing is accent-free without a single pronunciation error. Calling on Tony Beck means you will benefit from a bespoke performance, which will respect the original audio's feeling, tone and rhythm. Therefore, the dubbed track accurately and faithfully retains the required emotion.

Operate confidently in the global market

Dubbing audio and video content are essential to communicate on a global scale. Calling on a professional French voiceover artist in New York like Tony Beck allows you to get closer to your multilingual audience and break down language barriers simultaneously.

The actor provides a French voiceover adapted to his client’s target audience. To benefit from a voiceover recording in New York that perfectly meets your requirements, Tony Beck is the professional you need for a French voiceover in The USA.