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Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
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English voice-over motion design
Tony Beck en studio

Does your motion design animation need a French voiceover?

Why not use an experienced voiceover for your next motion design, in order to set yourself apart from the competiton? Motion designs occupy an important place in any communicaton strategy, with content that impacts on your target audience. We're sure that they greatly increase the reach of your message, and you can be certain that Tony Beck is the perfect voiceover for your motion design. You'll be making the best possible choice in hiring him!

A client tells us about their work with Tony on a motion design project

Tony is both fast and extremely talented - two qualities necessary to be a great voiceover! The quality of his work never fails to amaze me! Our motion design project was a real success!
Anthony Verdon

Motion design, also known as animation design, is used to animate graphic elements. Recently it has become one of the leading video formats on the internet. People are particularly attracted by audiovisual content using motion design, which presents opportunities for brands. You can count on Tony Beck and his expertise to handle the French voiceover for any motion design video project.

What can motion design do for your business?

All brands use advertising in various forms to raise their profile. They use all types of media in the natural or virtual world. Motion design has become an effective marketing tool. Companies use it to differentiate themselves to present their offer and their brand in a more appealing way. The short videos captivate the consumer and get the message across more effectively. It is an excellent tool for companies who want to increase their internet traffic.

It has been shown that 70% of consumers prefer video – and therefore motion design – to text, to find out about a new service or product. 90% even say that this format encourages them to purchase. As a result, motion design has become a primary video format on social media.

You can hire a French voiceover actor to produce this kind of video. A professional like Tony Beck knows how to use his voice to bring animation to life. It is essential for any motion design video project. Do not hesitate to call on him for your project.

Motion design voix off

French voiceover recording for motion design

Motion design is one of the least expensive animation techniques. However, it requires a professional French voiceover recorded in a studio. It allows you to make a how-to video with animated images.

The animation alone is not enough to grab the target audience’s attention. You should choose a professional French voiceover actor like Tony Beck to engage the audience and capture their attention. The script is written by establishing the tone and the rhythm best suited to the project. The French voiceover actor will use this script to bring the moving images to life. You can create motion design videos in French or English with Tony Beck.

Tony Beck the perfect voice for your project

Using a voiceover with motion design is particularly important because it helps you stand out from the competition. Do you need a professional and accomplished voice to broadcast your brand image? You can trust Tony Beck, a French voiceover actor renowned for his creativity and natural dubbing talent. Putting his voice at your disposal will increase the reach of your message through motion design.

Tony Beck has a studio where he produces flawless work. The soundproofed studio is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. He can work on the most challenging projects using his creativity, expertise and experience. The actor also specialises in French voiceovers with an accent. He can easily adapt his work to your message, target audience and media to ensure the success of your project. Tony Beck has the voice you need for your motion design video project.