French voiceover for movie trailers

Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio

Need a voiceover to create your French movie trailer?

Universal, Warner Bros, Columbia, Sony, Walt Disney, Paramount: Tony Beck does trailer voiceovers for the biggest American studios. He has also been the on-air voice for the Extreme Sports channel for over ten years, and has accrued experience working on a large number of TV ad campaigns, for brands such as Pernod Richard, Hachette, Mitsubishi, Nicorette, Bose, Braun, Garmin, Nutella, Minute Maid and Panasonic. His talent will allow you to make your project an incomparable success!

A satisfied customer tells us more about their collaboration with Tony on a movie trailer

It was great collaborating with Tony on this movie trailer. We feel he has the experience of great voiceover professionals. The customers were delighted and have asked me to call you again next time.
Pierre Ouvry