French male voice - masculine voice

Tony Beck en studio

Need a french male voiceover with a masculine voice?

With over twenty years of experience in fields as varied as radio and television advertising, documentaries and even cartoon dubbing, Tony Beck will improve your production's quality, whatever medium you use. Thanks to his unparalleled talent as a french male voiceover actor, and the thousands of productions on which he's worked, he is able to rapidly find the tone that will best suit your project. By choosing Tony's voice, an experienced male voiceover, you can be certain to give your message a unique identity, thus making it a real success!

A company looking for a male voiceover

I've worked with Tony for over twenty years, and I love him! He's an immense pleasure to work with. If you're looking for a male voiceover, he's really the voice you need. I call on him whenever I need a voiceover for a production.
Hugo Meribel