French voiceover audio guide

Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Mars désarmé par Vénus
Le National-socialisme
Palace of Versailles
La fermière
Tony Beck en studio

Need a French voice for an audio guide?

We're convinced that the works of art in your museum deserve special attention. A visit guided by an audio guide allows visitors to focus their whole attention on the artwork itself. Thanks to voiceover artist Tony Beck, your visitors imaginations can roam as they listen to the stories related to your exhibition. Having taken part in the recording of numerous audio guides around the world, he will know how to find the perfect tone to give clear and precise explanations to your visitors.

An audio guide project for an exhibition in a museum in Paris

Great job by Tony for our audio guide. He has succeeded in using his voice to convey information about the various works of art in our museum. Our visitors are delighted with the experience. Thanks Tony!
Sylvain Botman