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Tony Beck en studio
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Tony Beck en studio

A French voice for a video game

Tony Beck's rich and versatile voice allows him to perform a wide variety of characters with credibility, a very useful feature for video game voice recordings. Half-Life 1 and 2, Binary Domain, Starship Troopers, The Regiment and Medieval 2: Total War are just some of the voices to his credit. His voice recordings find their place in sports games, as well as the latest FPS, which is all the rage. By choosing Tony for your advertising project, you're sure to receive unparalleled quality!

A client tells us more about his collaboration with Tony on a video game

We needed a voiceover for a video game character and Tony, who is used to this type of work, gave us a perfect sound file. The tone and the performance were really stunning, and brilliant from start to finish. A big thank you!
Denise Vairelles

French dubbing, or French voiceover, is a big part of the video game industry. It has clear advantages over subtitling. The player hears the characters speak their language when video games are dubbed and does not have to read the subtitles. Tony Beck, a versatile voice actor in England, can collaborate on all your video game projects.

An excellent voice for video games

Producing voices for video games is a challenging process. A whole team is behind the recording, which is carried out in a dedicated studio. The French voiceover actor or dubber is essential for this project. His work is vital. Working with the art director, audio project manager, and sound engineers, the French voiceover actor enhances the gaming experience.

He puts himself in the shoes of the character in the game and conveys all the emotions with his voice. A well-known French voice actor like Tony Beck is regularly asked to do the French dubbing of several characters in the same game. Mastering so many voices makes him highly versatile.

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A recording studio suited to your project.

Have you ever played a game like Medieval 2: Total War or Starship Troopers? A lot of hard work goes into every console or computer game. The recording studio must have the latest editing, upgrading, mixing, effects, and sound design equipment. Post-production is, therefore, a critical stage that follows voice recording.

When you hire Tony Beck for your French dubbing, you will benefit from exceptional work in a professional studio. This immersive environment allows the actor to express his creativity and talent to the best of his ability. He dubs the video game character(s), perfectly bringing out their personality.

Tony Beck uses high-end professional equipment in his studio to offer you impeccable sound quality:

  • microphones
  • computer
  • premium audio headphonesThanks to these tools, the dubbing actor produces accurate, clean and, above all, crystal-clear voices. You are guaranteed a precise result, custom-made for your project.

Tony Beck, a versatile and experienced French voiceover actor

Do you need a specific voice for your video game project? Being a French voiceover actor is quite challenging, but providing a voiceover with an accent is even more so. Few actors are as gifted as Tony Beck at mastering so many accents. He can speak English with a Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, German or Belgian accent. Thanks to this versatility, he can easily dub several characters in the same game while making each unique. Don't hesitate to call Tony Beck to voice the characters in your video game.