French voiceover for an explainer video

Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
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Tony Beck en studio

Looking for a voiceover for a French explainer video?

If you're looking for a voiceover for your next explainer video, you'll want a voice that will highlight the great qualities of your product. Do you need a calm, dynamic, young, mature, cartoon, wild, serious, elegant or powerful voice? Tony Beck will quickly find the right tone to meet your expectations. His talents as a voiceover actor for over twenty years allow him to modulate his voice and phrasing to perfectly match the brief for your explainer video. By choosing Tony for your explainer video project, you're ensuring the presence of a great voiceover who will exceed your expectations.

An explainer video project for a company based in Lyon

I'm a sound engineer for a production company in France, so I'm often searching for quality voiceovers. Tony is a real professional, who records well, quickly. The end result was exceptional. Thank you!
Marie Despret