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Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
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Tony Beck en studio

Looking for an English voice over?

A veteran in the world of English voiceovers, Tony knows how to magnify words with his voice. Accustomed to recording studios for over twenty-five years, we have no doubt that he will charm your listeners with his versatile voice that he’ll adapt to your needs. Documentaries, animations, corporate videos, radio / television advertising, whatever the medium, he’ll make sure your message requiring an English voiceover is enticing and captivating to your target audience. Thanks to his very wide vocal range and his array of vocal registers, Tony is the English voice to guarantee you professional work with an outstanding result! Choose his voice for your project now.

What does one of Tony’s clients have to say?

We were in urgent need of an English voiceover for an explainer video targeting the UK market. Tony was really perfect through the recording process. Efficient and very attentive, he delivered just what we wanted. A huge thank you, and see you very soon I’m sure!
Martin Authessere

Voiceover is a production technique that adds the voice of an off-screen speaker to a movie, commercial or documentary. Also used in radio, this narration process makes media accessible to a broader audience as it is translated into another language. Are you looking for a French voiceover actor with an extensive English vocabulary for voiceover, narration or dubbing? Contact Tony Beck for outstanding English voiceovers.

Tony Beck provides outstanding English voiceovers

Tony Beck is a professional voiceover actor who offers a wide range of voiceover services in English. He works on various projects in English and guarantees a flawless performance. Contact him whether you need a voiceover actor to read a text translated from French to English to reach a wider audience, or a simple narration for a film. He provides voice dubbing – with an extensive English vocabulary – for your movies, internet commercials, radio adverts or TV documentaries, all from his voiceover recording studio.

Tony Beck provides a bespoke service for every project tailored to meet your requirements. Thanks to his expertise, you are guaranteed an accomplished and influential performance.

A range of services produced on professional equipment

Tony Beck uses professional recording equipment to create his work. His soundproofed studio provides the perfect environment for a flawless English voiceover. You can use the recordings from your English voiceover actor on all media: internet, TV or radio.

Tony Beck stands out from other voiceover actors thanks to his remarkable professionalism and the quality of his English, which is easy to understand, even for non-native speakers. He will often consult a French-English dictionary during his preparation to understand the meaning of certain words to convey your message with total accuracy.

Easy access to the global market with an English voiceover

With Tony Beck's voiceover, narration and dubbing services, it will be easier to do business in the English-speaking market. He is a voiceover actor who says precisely what you want to say in the correct tone in online commercials, documentaries and movies. He is the professional you need to get closer to an English-speaking audience and raise your profile in the global marketplace.

His vast experience and expertise will make your audio and video content appealing. His excellent quality recordings effortlessly break down language barriers and attract English-speaking internet users and members of the public. Choosing the services of Tony Beck, a voiceover actor in New York, means choosing an English voiceover that is effective and adapted to your target audience. Try it, and you won't be disappointed.