English voice-over motion design

Tony Beck en studio

Do you need to accompany your motion design with a voice-over in English?

To stand out from your competitors, why not use an English voice-over for your next motion design for an English-speaking country? In a communication strategy, motion design plays a crucial role. It is a product with content that has an impact on your target audience. We are certain that they increase the reach of your message beyond measure. You can be sure that Tony Beck will be the perfect English voice-over for your motion design. By hiring him, you are sure to make the best choice possible!

Another success for Tony's voice over with this motion design in English

A huge thank you to Tony's English voice over! He was perfect from the beginning to the end of the recording for my motion design to the USA. He managed to adapt 100% to the text I gave him. A perfect final result!
Quentin Goubin