French funny voice acting

Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
Medley voix jouées composées
Bonduelle - All voices
Thor et les l├ęgendes du Valhalla
Dessin animé distingué
Dessin animé Accents hispanique
Bonduelle - All voices
Dessin animé taureau rockeur
Gumball Richard Watterson
Tony Beck en studio

A French voice cameleon for your productions

Are you looking for a French voice actor who can transform his voice? Thanks to his vast experience in animation dubbing, Tony Beck is able to modulate his voice to create many characters. He can play any type of character and he will follow your brief without a problem. With his know-how, Tony Beck will be able to create the perfect voice for your projects.

Funny French voice acting for a major brand

It is always a real pleasure to work with Tony. Our video project aimed at a young adult audience was a real success! The campaign had a real impact and the client was thrilled and wants to work with Tony again. Hope to work with you again soon!
Gr├ęgoire Marchand