French well-being themed voiceover

Tony Beck en studio
Tony Beck en studio
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English well-being voiceover
Tony Beck en studio

A French voiceover for your well-being videos

Looking for a French voiceover for a film on well-being? Tony Beck, an experienced voiceover for over twenty years, is the best choice you can make for your next multimedia project focussing on well-being and relaxation! A voice capable of both speaking to, and calming, your audience, he'll bring a serenity that will perfectly match the tone you want for your production. Don't hesitate any longer and trust his clear and delicate voice today.

Tony lends his voice to a well-being video

Thank you for your outstanding work Tony. You adhered strictly to the deadlines that I gave you, all whilst delivering us a sound file that matched the relaxed tone of our well-being video. Perfect as usual!
Sébastien Hurriez