French science themed voiceover

Tony Beck en studio
Contrôle électronique à distance
Mission Tonga
English scientific voiceover
Tony Beck en studio

A French voiceover for your science videos

With over twenty years of experience, Tony Beck is the ideal voice actor for your scientific voiceovers in French. Accustomed to scientific productions, he is capable of making complex things appear simple, with his clear and precise tone. His experience and talent allow him to adapt to any project! By choosing Tony, you are sure to get a very high-quality, scientific voiceover.

Tony records his voice for a science film

I have worked with Tony on my science videos for many years, and he always manages to bring the best out of my script. He makes the final product super compelling, so if you're looking for a scientific voiceover, look no further. He's the best!
Alain Flament