French nature themed voiceover


Château des Gouttes : French nature voiceover

Documentaire animalier : French nature voiceover

Tetra Pak : French nature voiceover

Live Run : French nature voiceover

Kenzo : French nature voiceover

Tony Beck en studio

A French voiceover for your nature videos

Are you looking for a voiceover for a nature video or documentary? Throughout his long career, Tony Beck has recorded numerous productions on the world of nature. He will find the right tone to give your project a real impact, and his desire to continuously improve the end result makes Tony Beck the perfect voiceover for your nature project!

A client needs a professional French voiceover for a nature documentary

We needed a voiceover for an animal documentary and Tony, who is used to this type of work, gave us a perfect sound file. His tone and his performance were really stunning and brilliant from start to finish. A big thank-you!
Guillaume Desobt