Tony Beck en studio

Here's the french deep voice you're looking for, for your voiceover project

Are youi looking for a deep french voice for your voiceover? Thanks to the various experiences where he's been asked to find his lowest notes, Tony Beck is able to modulate his voice to make it deeper in order to match the desired tone. A monster in a cartoon, a serious subject or a movie trailer, there is no shortage of reasons why a deep voice may be needed. Thanks to the command he has over his voice box, Tony Beck will be able to lower the tone of his voice to give maximum impact to your message. His drive to continuously improve the end product makes Tony Beck the deep voiceover you need for your project.

A client looking for a deep voiceover

It's always a pleasure to work with Tony. He takes the time to ensure he fully understands the brief and his voice engages you from the start. His deep voice was perfect for my project. Put your faith in him today!
François Leclercq