Tony Beck en studio

Looking for a Liverpool-based French voice actor?

Tony Beck, whose voice can be recognised across France, works from Liverpool and can be heard on all kinds of media: Television and radio advertising, video games, institutional videos, documentaries, audiobooks, not to mention dubbing animations and feature films, and of course, Tony does voices for the web too: viral marketing, e-learning packages, etc. Whatever you need, he can do it! So don't hesitate any longer - get in touch with him now, for a voiceover artist who'll transform your project into the success you deserve!

Aiden's opinion on Tony Beck's voiceover services

I was looking for a Liverpool-based voiceover to give a French voice to one of my anime characters and Tony did the job perfectly. His vocal range allowed him to adapt to every scenario in my script without a problem and I certainly hope to have the pleasure of working with him again.
Aiden Hunter

French voiceover has become an indispensable marketing tool for companies. It provides the viewer with additional information that complements what is shown in a video. A professional actor records the French voiceover in a specialist studio. Many companies in Liverpool use Tony Beck for their French voiceover and dubbing. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this talented actor who knows how to meet his client’s expectations.

French voiceover for your company in Liverpool

A French voiceover is essential for companies’ marketing. Choosing the right recording studio to make a radio commercial, a promotional video for social media, or dub a TV movie is very important. The French voiceover should represent your brand and reflect your values. You can trust Tony Beck to provide this in Liverpool. He guarantees a top-quality French voiceover that will suit your requirements.

Choosing the features of your audio branding is essential because it is part of your brand image. Adverts often form a customer’s first impression of a company. The French voiceover for an advert must therefore be entrusted to a professional French voiceover actor. If you are looking for a French voiceover actor in Liverpool and Merseyside, call on Tony Beck, an experienced professional who will use his talent to raise your company’s profile.

Who can record your French voiceover in Liverpool?

Being a voiceover artist is very demanding. It is not enough to have a lovely-sounding voice to be a French voiceover artist. There is a good reason that they are called "French voiceover actors". A professional actor must be able to interpret the text, adapt to the message he has to convey and make his listeners feel emotions.

Not just anyone can become a French voiceover actor. You must often follow a rigorous training programme in French voiceover and audiobook interpretation at a professional audiovisual college. To become a French voiceover actor, you need special training in French voiceover; you must have been to drama school or taken acting classes.

Tony Beck is one of the most versatile French voiceover actors in England. He is in high demand for various dubbing projects in Merseyside, and not only for the natural tone of his French or English voice. He can expertly replicate a wide range of accents and can use these to help you reach a foreign audience in Liverpool. In his recording studio, he can perform your French voiceover with an English, Japanese, Russian, German, Chinese, Belgian or Swiss accent.

French voiceover Liverpool: showcase your audiovisual material

As a French voiceover actor, Tony Beck knows how to adapt his voice to different scenarios so that adverts, teaching material or news reports make an impact. In his studio, he produces high-quality audio to engage your audience. He works across many areas:

  • French voiceover for radio adverts
  • French voiceover for corporate films
  • Dubbing of animated films
  • French voiceover for TV adverts
  • Dubbing and French voiceovers for documentaries

Tony Beck, a versatile and adaptable studio actor and French voiceover expert in Liverpool, will make your projects a success.